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Product life cycle management with PTC Windchill

With our PLM software solutions, you can address business challenges, achieve increases in value and improve the product development cycle.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PTC Windchill

Using product life cycle management (PLM), you can manage complex, cross-functional processes and coordinate the work of distributed teams to deliver the best possible products consistently and efficiently. PTC’s PLM software system manages all aspects of the product development cycle - from concept to service up to settings. By optimising product development processes and using a central, secure data source, you can develop competitive, cost-effective and high-quality products.

Advantages of the PLM -software

Product life cycle management (PLM)

PLM software supports the product development process and enables the integration of people, processes and systems. It provides organisations with a "store" for product information. Some of the basic benefits of PLM software are:

  • Shorter product launching time (time-to-market)
  • Higher productivity
  • Construction efficiency
  • Better product quality
  • Lower costs when launching new products
  • Insight into critical business processes
  • Better reporting and better analyses

Flexible PLM software for all aspects of the product development cycle

Advantages of PLM -software

Our PLM system offers you a significant direct benefit by creating a consistent system that simultaneously manages hardware- and software delivery components. Our PLM software also expands other enterprise systems (ERP, CRM) by allowing them to access product information throughout the organisation. In addition, it can be integrated with the PTC solution for software- and systems development (ALM). This accelerates software development by making smarter, more competitive products faster and more efficiently.

Optimise the product development process with Windchill, our PLM software with comprehensive features for all phases of the product development cycle.