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Basic training on PTC Creo 2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0

Weekly intensive training

Gemeinsam mit unserem Partner MAIT Swiss

Our highly motivated trainers will teach you the basic functionality of PTC Creo® (and always something more  😊) in such a way that you will quickly become proficient in your everyday design tasks. Will you let us ignite your Creo® fire?

Training goals

  • You can efficiently use the functions of PTC Creo® 2 & 3 and the innovations of Creo® 4 & 5

Target group

Designers and draughtsmen, who want to quickly and intensively familiarise themselves with PTC Creo

Unsere PTC zertifizierten Trainer


Daniel Gut
JKS Engineering AG

Our PTC certified trainers


Andreas Bollinger
MAIT Swiss



Number of days

Price per day (excl. VAT)


Montag, 05.10.20

Freitag, 09.10.20

5 Tage

CHF 3’250 pro Teilnehmer
(CHF 650 pro Teilnehmer/Tag)

Mindestteilnehmerzahl 3 Personen
inkl. digitaler Schulungsunterlagen und


  • User interface
  • 3D-modelling
    o Design- and modelling process
    o Geometry, design elements and models
    o Geometric outlining and sketch tools
    o Datum planes and datum axes
    o Profile-, rotary- and profile rib features
    o Internal sketches and embedded references
    o Sweep- and blend features
    o Holes, shells and drafts, rounding and chamfering
    o Group, copy and mirror elements; patterns
    o Measure and test models
    o Installation conditions, install with connections
    o Explode assemblies
    o Intelligent 3D modelling (tolerances, etc.)
  • Producing drawings
    o Define layout of drawings and create views
    o Generate annotations in drawings
  • Use slides
  • Investigate the parent/child relationships
  • Capture and manage design intent
  • Fix errors and request assistance
  • Comprehensive design project with two parts